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Eye Protection When Fishing

by Nathan C.

Obviously this is something that applies to anyone who is at risk of exposure to UV rays from the sun for long periods, but just wanted to take the opportunity to give shout outs to our loyal customers and also highlight any relevant discussions from others in the community.

Facebook Mentions

One of our customers has given us a shout out on social media – thanks – a discount coupon will be in your email soon.

I’ll just provide the screenshot of the discussion on Facebook below:

Mr Adams has also kindly allowed us to use his “before and after ENVIES” photos for this blog, which is great, because it’s always better to show how ENVIES have been benefitting our customers.

The Very Clear Difference Between Using and Not Using ENVIES Sunglasses

The photo below shows a photo taken using an iPhone of the River Avon, and as you can see, it’s difficult to see through the glare of the sun/sky that’s reflecting off the top of the water.

Photo of the glare reflecting off the top of the water in the River Avon

Below is a photo of the same part of the River Avon taken through the lens of the ENVIES Tempest sunglasses (that’s just for info – ALL ENVIES sunglasses are equipped with UV400 protection polarised lens, so would provide the same protection and show the same effects).

Photo of the River through ENVIES Sunglasses – a much, much clearer view of what's in the water!

From the photo above, it’s very obvious that the polarised lenses allow the ENVIES user to see clearly through the glare of the reflection of the sky on the top of the water.

I’ve been informed that this helps to find the best places for fishing activity, because you would be able to see the smaller fish swimming around quite easily, and they’re the ones that the larger fish will treat as prey, and therefore congregate around those areas.

Health Benefits

Obviously not everyone goes fishing, but the risks of NOT using polarised sunglasses apply to everyone.

Here’s a discussion on possible damage caused by being exposed to the Sun’s harmful UV rays for too long:

The forum discussion is about how it’s possible that the UV rays could cause cataracts, bloodshot eyes, eye strain etc, which is possible for people who spend a lot of time fishing or any other activity while you’re out in the sun.

Specific to fishing though, is an example of the actual physical protection from wayward fishing hooks – that sounds horrific to me, to be honest!

Final Word

So that’s a good place to end this article, but I wanted to remind you that another benefit of ENVIES is the fact that they are either partially or fully made of wood, so they float, of course!

That’s definitely something to consider if you’re going to be using your sunglasses near water and there’s a risk of them falling in..... at least with ENVIES, they’ll float and you’ll be able to fish (see what I did there) them out of the water. Please see our partial and fully wooden sunglasses in our shop.

Please take a look at my other blog post about fishing if you’re interested, and please let us know about your experience with ENVIES – we may include a blog post about it and you’ll also be eligible to receive coupons for our products.


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